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Linda Buckley
Linda has taken her passion for yoga and created a healing space where people can go deeper into their practice. Trained as a massage therapist, she intimately understands asanas in relationship to individual anatomy. Linda was originally certified by Bikram Choudhury, and continues to study with other Hatha yoga teachers, such as Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. Formerly a leader in wilderness expeditions, she uses her knowledge, honesty, and humor to help lead students to their uncharted edges and back again.

Ingrid Schlenther
Ingrid completed her 200 hour RYT in 2014 through ShivaShakti School of Yoga and Healing Arts. Ingrid discovered Yoga at age nine. It became a life-long practice through various injuries and life-events, an opportunity to sink within, connect to moment-to-moment inner wisdom no matter what the circumstances, and find a sense of rootedness. She believes that this practice of awareness of body, mind and breath can infuse all parts of life, bringing newness and creativity into both action and stillness. Ingrid enjoys weaving together invigorating vinyasa flow with calmer more restorative practices and meditation. She is a mother, a nurse, a violinist and loves to spend time outside in woods and water.

Jeni Humphries
Jeni brings strong compassion and a deep insight into human nature to all of her classes. She knows what an important personal journey a committed yoga practice is both physically and emotionally. Certified by Bikram Choudhury, Jeni continues to study with other teachers, such as Anna Forrest, adding an eclectic blend to her teaching. Also an organic market gardener deeply connected with nature, Jeni's teaching is grounded, kind, and encourages deep work at many levels.

Lisa Levangie
Lisa Levangie is a certified Hot Yoga (R.Y.T) instructor who trained with Jimmy Barkan from the Yoga College of India. Yoga came into Lisa's life more than 15 years ago and was led to hot yoga for health reasons. "Yoga brings my physical, mental and spiritual health into balance and keeps me centered on and off the mat." Lisa started practicing Bikram yoga with Linda at Geezum Crow and after a few years moved to Bennington where she discovered right away there was no hot yoga. Lisa went and trained with Jimmy Barkan and came back to teach in Bennington for the past five years. Lisa's passion for yoga has grown over the years as she has trained with Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, and Todd Norian. She continues to train with Jimmy Barkan when she can and explores the Eight Limb Path in her own practice. Lisa recently moved back to the area and is excited to have the opportunity to continue her teaching and practicing.

Hanna Satterlee
Hanna received her Vinyassa yoga certification from Laughing Lotus, one of the most vibrant, joyful studios in San Francisco. She has been dancing and moving for over 15 years, with training from teachers in Brazil, Africa and throughout the US. She holds a Dance Therapy concentration from Goucher College, where she majored in Dance and Psychology, and finds great satisfaction in reaching out to others through use of the body. Yoga came into her path several years ago, as a way to cope from the stresses of transitioning from student to professional. Yoga has helped her in almost every chaotic situation since. Hanna's classes focus on the intricacies in our anatomical structure, how breath can give energy, and how strength can combat mental and physical illness. Her classes emphasize the importance of balancing strength and flexibility, both in character and physical form, and her intention is to promote an inner sense of both stability as well as peace.

Erica Sussman
Erica discovered yoga in 2005 and began teaching in 2012. Initially she practiced to heal emotionally and quickly realized the physical benefits. Erica obtained certifications in Power Yoga through Amazing Yoga and an Ashtanga certification at Yoga Vermont where she continues to study. Erica's classes incorporate an eclectic mix of vinyasa, yin, and Ashtanga. She enjoys learning from a diversity of vinyasa and Ashtanga teachers—too many to list—and is grateful to her Vermont mentor/teachers Linda Buckley, Kathy McNames, and Scott York. Yoga has helped her calm down, focus, become more comfortable in her body and she seeks to share that freedom.

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