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Foot Massage & Reflexology

By appointment with Linda Buckley

With thousands of nerve endings in your feet it isn't too surprising that this ancient form of footwork persists. But many of us forget our feet and cram them into shoes that don't fit. Some benefits of this work:

  • Relax and recharge the nervous system
  • Relax, wake up and retrain the muscles of the foot and lower leg
  • Stimulate nerve reflexes
  • Increase circulation

I have been teaching yoga classes since 2000. My interest in feet has come about from looking at your feet over the years.

In this past year I have gone back to my prior work in massage and have been studying with Geraldine Villeneuve, who has coined the term Structural Reflexology for her work. I am working towards certification as a Structural Reflexologist, in the mean time I am offering foot massage & reflexology sessions applying new learned skills along with past experience.

I also took a shoe making class this past winter which was challenging and insightful. Though I doubt I will become a cobbler in this life I can help educate you about your feet, footwear and use my hands to unwind tension in your feet which well can translate to the rest of your body.

Sliding fee $45-$60

Linda Buckley
802 461 3634

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